Industrial Fan Solutions (IFS) has been serving and providing air moving solutions with the latest technologies for the industrial market, OEMs, and engineering firms throughout Southern California for more than 40 years.

In 1968, Frank Halladay and John Fehrenbacher represented the reputable fan manufacturer named Buffalo Forge Company, based in New York. As their business grew, Halladay and Fehrenbacher recognized the need for quality, service, and lead time for the industrial fan market and made it a company's mission to provide that. 


In 1980, it was decided to expand the business even further and replace Buffalo Forge with Minnesota-based Twin City Fan & Blower (TCF&B) – a company known throughout the United States, Canada, and Pacific Asia as a reputable source of high quality industrial fans.  Our partnership with TCF&B as a manufacturer’s representative has enabled us to make significant inroads throughout Southern California in supplying industrial fans and engineering services to a variety of platforms.

In 2013, Tim Siverhus joined John F. as the general parter of Industrial Fan Sales (IFS). Then in 2017, Tim became the C.E.O. of the company. Under his new leadership, IFS became Industrial Fan Solutions as the company strives to bring real solutions to our clients while maintaining a strong focus on the product itself.

As a relationship based company, Tim cares about the customer and providing reliable, trustworthy, and efficient solutions. 


Los Angeles / San Diego


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Honesty / Integrity / Family 

Tim Siverhus is the President of IFS, and with his manufacturing engineering experience and industry experience, he is continuing the legacy of the company, but with a modern twist. His values of quality, service, reliability, and efficiency positions IFS to meet the ever changing needs of customers. Tim has built an extensive network working in the industry with the mentorship with John Fehrebacher, and places great importance on people and on service.

Los Angeles Office:
4470 W. Sunset Blvd. 
Suite #90348
Los Angeles, CA 90027
San Diego Office:
302 Washington Street,
Suite #150-8645
San Diego, CA 92103
LA Office: (213) 381-5548
SD Office: (760) 303-5200
Mobile: (213) 604-0283
Fax: (213) 381-5540
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